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Life after Halton.

I now have three websites to keep me busy.

Photograph: Man sitting in an office at a computer and printer.

[Photo: Bentley 2006. Andy at work in his office.]

I am keen on computers and have a wireless network with two laptops, a scanner/printer and a laser printer with wireless print server, connected to a broadband router. I have three websites Suffolk Country Walks, Andy's Halton Page and Bentley Parish Council to manage. I enjoy hearing from people all over the world and often get enquires about Suffolk. I am a member of the RAFHAAA (Royal Air Force Halton Aircraft Apprentices Association) and the RAF Bomb Disposal Association, giving me several contacts with old friends.

Enjoying visits to my local pub (100 yds away!)

Photograph: Group of men sitting round a table in a public house playing dominoes.

[Photo: Bentley 2006. A game of dominoes in the Case is Altered - Andy 2nd from left.]

My daughters have had 5 children between them and, as they both work, we get to see the grandchildren quite often (grandparent duties!!). I am involved with my local community and the Parish Council (but not as a councillor) and enjoy visits to my local pub (100 yds away!).

A final word from the RAF Plumber.

Thanks for reading my short autobiography of my life in the RAF and later civilian career. If you would like to learn more about my many adventures as an armourer in the RAF you can read the review of my book RAF Plumber and hopefully decide to buy a copy direct from me, the author.

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