The Glorious 74th Entry RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices (The Coronation Entry).

Andy's Story: Page 3.

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Life after Halton.

Off to Germany and better times.

Photograph: man lying out side a white ridge tent.

[Photo: Somewhere in Germany 1966. Andy camping.]

Pauline and I decided to go for another overseas tour and this time we were lucky and got RAF Wildenrath in Germany. Here after promotion to Sergeant I managed to get a married quarter (74 AMQ) and we started our family. Susan was born at RAF Hospital Wegberg on 4 April 1967. We had a great tour, with duty free cars and cheap petrol, visiting 15 different countries in 3 years, generally camping everywhere we went and attending many of the Grand Prix races in the area. I was a member of the Motor Club, and started a shop for the members and also took up rallying in my Vauxhall Viva.

RAF Coltishall: just like being on holiday.

Photograph: Man with a little girl on a wooden horse on a carousel.

[Photo: Bressingham, Norfolk 1970. Andy with Susan on the carousel.]

I fancied a posting to East Anglia next and on our return to UK was sent to RAF Coltishall in Norfolk. Here I had a year or two in a married quarter (66 Chromes Crescent) and a job in the ejection seat bay. It was just like being on holiday, living close to the Broads and all that coast nearby.

I wind up in Cyprus at RAF Akrotiri.

Photograph: Man in a boat marina standing holding a slalom water ski.

[Photo: Akrotiri, Cyprus 1973. Andy slalom winner.]

Sticking my neck out for another overseas tour I wound up in Cyprus at RAF Akrotiri, this time as NCO i/c Armament Ground Equipment and as a part timer on the Bomb Disposal Team. Now a Chief Technician, life in Cyprus was even more like being on holiday, sun, sea, sand and for me, becoming an expert water skier. But things came to a sudden end when the Turks invaded in 1974 and I found myself stuck at Nicosia Airport responsible for a Bomb Disposal Team. Pauline was left in our married quarter at Akrotiri (17 Albion Street) with Susan, our new daughter Katie and a house full of evacuated families.

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