The Glorious 74th Entry RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices (The Coronation Entry).

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Life after Halton.

Malta and RAF Maintenance Base Safi.

Photograph: Man and woman in swimming costumes lying on a beach.

[Photo: Pauline and Andy relaxing at Peter's Pool.]

From there it was off to Malta and RAF Maintenance Base Safi, a delightful posting with plenty of sea, sun and cheap wine (5p a bottle). But I managed 18 months as a 'singly' and then 18 months married accompanied (to Pauline) living in Sliema. Swimming was my main occupation during the summer months when I managed to learn the butterfly stroke.

No. 5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron.

Photograph: Airmen in working overalls having a rest on a grass verge.

[Photo: Yorkshire 1964. No. 6235 BD Flight take a break.]

Back to the UK and it was Stafford again, but this time, No. 5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron. However, thinking I would be able to live out with Pauline, I was detached to No. 6235 BD Flight up at RAF Acklington in Northumberland and no chance of married life for much of the time. The flight went on to undertake other clearance work in Scotland and Yorkshire before I left.

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