The Glorious 74th Entry RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices (The Coronation Entry).

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Life after Halton.

Three years training as an Aircraft Apprentice at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire, UK saw me graduating as an Armament Fitter in March 1956. Life had been tough but we knew we had been given the best start to a career in the Royal Air force in our chosen trade. We left Halton with the rank of J/T, short for Junior technician and from that moment we were dispatch to all corners of the globe.

My first posting is to Singapore.

Photograph: Five airmen in tropical uniform with arms over each others shoulders.

[Photo: Singapore 1957. Members of the 74th meet up at Changi. l to r Andy, Taff, Frank , Shotgun, ?Davis]

My first posting was to RAF Tengah in Singapore where for two and a half years I sampled the delights of Singapore City, Tiger Beer, the Malayan Emergency and all manner of experiences for a young country boy from Suffolk. It was here that I developed my liking for modern jazz, something that I have retained to this day.

Returning to the UK with a GSM (Malaya) and Mentioned in Despatches my next posting was to 16 MU RAF Stafford.

I meet my wife Pauline.

Photograph: Man and woman head and shoulders.

[Photo: No. 16 MU Stafford 1960. Andy meets future wife, Pauline.]

Not much can be said about RAF Stafford itself. But it changed my life in that it was the place where I met my wife Pauline.

My RAF job entailed chopping up guns for scrap, not very encouraging but things were to get better. But, my next posting was to see me travelling overseas again.

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