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Andy's Jazz.

Big Band concerts I attended.

Over the years my love of jazz has continued, very occasionally I manage to take in some live jazz. While in Singapore I managed to go to a Benny Goodman Big Band concert, the accompanying group was The Platters. Later at RAF Topcliffe I managed to see the Buddy Rich Big Band in the NAAFI, as you can imagine the volume was rather ear shattering. I went to a Humprey Lyttleton Concert at Snape Maltings and also to see the BBC Big Band at the same venue.

I visit local jazz events.

Photograph: People sat in a large room listening to a jazz band.

[Photo: music society - Modern Jazz concert by the local music society]

Nowadays, I just go to the odd local event, we had a trad band in the local pub for a Bank Holiday session, and a local music group nearby put on a jazz concert as an alternative to their usual classical stuff.

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